Isorobic 2 Exerciser Family Everything Package



  • Two Basic Isorobic Exercisers Kits for mulitple station workouts or working out at the same time
  • Nutripoints Book w/1 Adult & 1 Kids Nutrition/Placemat Wall Chart
  • Soft Anchor Door Strap to stop scarring your door
  • One pair Ogie Strap Utility Straps for hip & thigh exercises
  • Knee DVD
  • Isorobic Cardio/Weight Loss DVD Everything I’ve learned about weight loss and cardiovascular fitness using the Isorobic Exerciser.
  • U-Handle for neck relief/Bench Press Bar
  • Ogie Kit Service Package includes free Rope Replacement, 100 Minute DVD Coach, Fitness Test Kit with Step Test CD, Monthly Newsletter

(Ogie Kit Service Pack is not transferable)



Notice of Isorobic Exerciser Inventory Delay.

Re-Manufacturing Start-Up By Isorobic Global Headquarters has now been projected for January 2023. Ogie Shaw Fitness has a Waiting List without charge. You will be the first contacted. Send your e-mail address and phone number to

In every storm there is a blessing. The blessing here is that with the equipment delay, the public attention has been transferred to my Fitness Testing Packages. This is the most valuable part of any fitness program. Fitness Testing should always be first. The comments from those applying these motivation principles,with or without the equipment, are amazing.

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