The Push-Up Solution: Isorobic Total Package SKU 100


The Push-up Solution

$40. Cash Refund when purchased by 09/12/19, and send video of the purchaser doing 40 push-ups within 1 year. (Exp. 09/12/20)

Weekly Product Spotlight-Isorobic Exerciser Total Package

Includes New 3 ring binder Testing Manual

Goal: Test Push-ups weekly until you pass.

Do 3 reps Isorobic Exerciser Standing Push-ups/Shouler Press daily. 

When you can do 40  send me your video.


“There are only two forms of exercise: dynamic-exercise with movement, and static-without movement. All methods, even those employed in ISOROBICS, are variations on ,those two forms. Actually, there is nothing in the ISOROBIC Exercise System that you probably haven’t already tried. ISOROBICS a System  that combines the dynamic forms of exercise, isotonics, isokinetics, and aerobics with isometrics, which is static contraction of muscle fiber. .”Isorobics A Better Way To Fitness. 1979 R.Useldinger.


Isotonics  is moving the muscle group being exercised through its range of motion without any controls other than those being supplied by the natural phenomena of gravity or friction. This includes weightlifting which is resistive isotonics.

Isometrics is static exercise that develops strength very quickly but only within 5 degrees of the angle that the static force is applied. There is no improvement throughout the range of motion.

Isokinetics  is considered the best of strength building with movement  because it controls the speed to provide almost maximum muscle fiber involvement throughout the range of motion. Hislop and Perrine in “the best article ever on isokinetics” in Physical Therapy Magazine , 1967 called this the best form of exercise in America because it is the only way to use near maximum muscle fiber involvement throughout the range of motion. To provide this control you must use an accommodating device. These machines are usually very complicated and expensive and beyond the average person’s budget. A hybrid method of isokinetics was developed with the ISOROBIC Exerciser System to approximate the same results. “It uses a lightweight friction device which limits speed in proportions to the various resistances which can be set on it.”Isorobics A Better Way To Fitness. 1979 R.Useldinger. Carl Miller Coach Coordinator for the US Olympic Weightlifting team in an article in Athletic Journal 1973, “Isokinetics, A Fad or Here To Stay?” said, ‘His weightlifters using isokinetics got so much stronger that the ones who did not use it could not compete with them.” He also saw a faster recovery time (21 minutes vs 48 hours), and a better ability to isolate minor muscle groups using isokinetics. Whether working with the aged, 3year olds, or the NFL this is the most practical and effective exercise lifestyle available.