Grace’s Page

“Children’s behaviors are substantially affected by the influential adults in their lives-parents, grandparents, and teachers. Efforts to address childhood obesity in Oregon will not be successful unless they also include interventions that influence the healthy eating and physical activity behaviors of adults as well as children.”

-from “A Report to the Oregon Health Policy Commission”

This page was inspired by 5 year-old Grace Bowman who made a drawing of her parents, Todd and Mary Beth, exercising with the Isorobic Exerciser.

This is Grace’s drawing:

This is 5 year old David Conley’s drawing of himself along with Grandma Loretta Osborn (Nana) and Grandpa Dan Osborn (Papa). Both Loretta and Dan have done great with the Isorobic Exerciser and brought David in for their in-office fitness test. Loretta who is a licensed massage therapist has just completed her Community Fitness Leader Isorobic Instructor Certification.

If you wish to submit a drawing of your parents using the Isorobic Exerciser or any other exercise program send it by e-mail or postal service.