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Workshops are 1-1/2 hour instruction classes for groups of Isorobic Exerciser owners and their families. Workshop attendees will be able to answer the three key questions in fitness. It is not possible to succeed in physical fitness without this information. The three key questions are: What is the best time of day to exercise? For best compliance how many days per week should you exercise? What is the best way to stay motivated to exercise? Participants will be instructed on the 5-10 minute Beginning Isorobic Exercise Program. Special instruction will be provided for areas of fitness requested by clients such as knee, neck, shoulder, sports conditioning for body shaping.

Weekly group workshops are available in the Beaverton, Oregon office. Group workshops are also provided at various locations around the country by myself or a Community Fitness Leader™ in your area. These individuals have been trained by me to instruct the Isorobic workshop.

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Remember it isn’t enough to buy exercise equipment. You have to use it.