Community Fitness Leaders®

CFLs (“Community Fitness Leaders™”) are Certified Isorobic Exerciser Instructors who have received their training through Ogie Shaw Fitness®

CFLs are trained to:

  • Instruct beginning and advanced Isorobic Exercise Programs
  • Provide motivational lectures on physical fitness to business, schools, conventions, clubs and organizations.
  • Provide fitness testing services.

CFLs may serve as Isorobic Exerciser distributors or refer clients to Ogie Shaw Fitness® in order to participate in the Isorobic program. CFLs are not employees of Ogie Shaw Fitness®. They are independent contractors. They are individuals with a fitness, sports, or healthcare background and may participate in the Community Fitness Leader™ Program on either a full-time or part-time basis. In order to instruct the Isorobic program CFLs must be users of the Isorobic program.

The initial training is a 10 hour course in the Beaverton office or as scheduled at other locations.
Accommodations are provided for those coming from out of town.

The next Community Fitness Leader Training: To Be Announced

Call for more information on the CFL program and/or coming training dates.

Community Fitness Leaders™