Testing Services

*Note to Clients and Prospects on the monthly rates

Ogie Shaw Fitness® current Isorobic Exerciser clients already have the Basic Isorobic and Fitness Instructions on your DVD Coach which you received with your equipment along with the Step Test CD. You may want to add the fat caliper.

The monthly fee is for those who want help with interpreting and counseling your personal fitness test scores. You will also have access to the growing video library where instruction for various fitness topics will be covered such as:
Post rehab exercise for:

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Knee and hip replacements and injuries
  • Baseball
  • Office Workers Stress Buster/Injury Prevention 5 Minute Workout
  • Etc.

If you are not an Isorobic Exerciser client and want to participate in the testing interpretation and counseling program you will need the Fitness Test Kit in the products section. It comes with the fat caliper and there is a different monthly rate.

Ogie Shaw Fitness® believes that there is no exercise compliance without a personal fitness strategy or weekly fitness testing. Fitness testing is therefore provided by the following methods for participants.

Ogie Shaw Fitness® also Certifies Community Fitness Leaders™ with *”Testing Certification” around the United States to provide the services listed.

Satisfaction Guarantee of 100 percent refund for the first month of service. After first month refund on unused portion of the contract only.

Community Fitness Leaders™

Online Fitness Testing

The most recent service is the next best thing to meeting with Ogie once a week in the office.

  • You perform your fitness self-test at home.
  • Sign on to the members login database on my web site and enter your test scores.
  • You will have a running tally of your scores and can recall your:
    • Personal best and worst scores
    • Your average scores
    • Global average scores to compare your scores with everyone else in your age group, occupation, or location.
    • I will also have access to your test scores so that I can monitor and counsel you.

    $9.95 First test setup (Isorobic clients). Membership – Product No. 500

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    $49.95 First setup (Non-Isorobic clients). Membership – Product No. 500?

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In-Office/Home Testing

Meet with me weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in the Beaverton office or by appointment in your home or office. Contact us for current prices for this service.

On-Site Testing

At your company, or school, complete with awards for:

  • Company best in each fitness category
  • Personal Best
  • Most Fit Overall
  • Most Improved

Call for price quote.


Self-Test Kit

The Self-Test Kit includes:

  • Step Test CD
  • Test Charts
  • Testing protocol level of fitness needed
  • Special body measurements tape measure
  • Fitness standards required for good health
  • Screening guidelines

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