Online Fitness Testing – Monthly



Attention Isorobic Exerciser Clients!

If you purchased your Isorobic Exerciser through Ogie Shaw Fitness, please contact Ogie Shaw for a discounted rate of $49.95 on the monthly Online Fitness Testing.

Thank you for your interest in signing up with Ogie Shaw Fitness.

The most recent service is the next best thing to meeting with Ogie once a week in the office. Your first month includes set-up.

  • You perform your fitness self-test at home.
  • Sign on to the members login database on my web site and enter your test scores.
  • You will have a running tally of your scores and can recall your:
    • Personal best and worst scores
    • Your average scores
    • Global average scores to compare your scores with everyone else in your age group, occupation, or location.
    • I will also have access to your test scores so that I can monitor and counsel you.