Affordable & Accurate Skinfold Caliper


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This plastic caliper is the best for the money in the country. I encountered it 30 years ago when I put on a clinic for physicians and coaches in Portland on “Estimating Body Fat.” We did underwater weighing, used 3 different calipers including the then new $500 Skyndex computerized unit, the $250 Lange caliper and this plastic unit. It gave identical readings to Lange and Lange was within 2 percent of underwater weighing. The supplier does not provide instructions. You will find instructions for using Sloan’s formula for estimating body fat on pages 66-67 of your Isorobic Instruction Manual.

I am also including my special Body Fat Testing CD to explain more about this device, how to use it and why it is so special. Your body fat is one of the great predictors of your health, how your body will perform and look.