Cardio Fitness & Weight Loss DVD plus Skinfold Caliper


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Isorobic High Intensity Cardio Fitness & Weight Loss DVD plus Accurate Skinfold Caliper Kit

It’s been slow but it’s like writing a book. I’ve gotten addicted to improving it. I would like to see it used as a college reference tool.I love the way this DVD has shaped up. I don’t want to stop editing it. This could be the most defining training tool I’ve developed so far. It answers the most common objection people have about the equipment. How can you build cardiovascular fitness in less than 20 minutes? It also addresses how to help solve America’s obesity crisis. I personally dropped 17 pounds this past year doing research on techniques I teach in this DVD. We are really on to something.

It includes:

  • scientific explanations for the reduced cardiovascular training time
  • techniques for novices, intermediates, advanced, and wheelchair workouts
  • workouts to focus on weight loss. There is a Projected One Year Weight Loss Map using the Isorobic Exerciser
  • demonstration of High Intensity Interval Training with the Isorobic Exerciser