Dr. Larry Frazier

Dr. Larry Frazier
Carrellton, Georgia
(707) 832-1502

Larry Frazier was an All-Star baseball player from his youth through high school. He is a former NCAA baseball umpire. He is an avid tennis player, past Director of Tennis at Camp Romoca, in Hinsdale, Massachusetts, and past president of the West Georgia Tennis Association.

Larry has a doctorate degree in music and is a tenured professor of music and opera workshop director at West Georgia State University. He is an award – winning soloist and has been instrumental in organizing some of Americas best operatic performances. Larry’s wife, is a registered nurse and director of diabetic care for several hospitals in Georgia. She keeps his ear full of the latest health issues facing our country.

Larry completed Community Fitness Leader speaker training in Beaverton, Oregon and is a Certified Isorobic Exercise Instructor. He is an excellent performer and a great speaker.

His passion for fitness and the Isorobic Exercise system makes him fun to hear.