U-Shaped Neck Saver/Bench Press Handle


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U-Shaped Handle for the Isorobic Exerciser will take pressure off the neck during the abdominal exercise(page 25 of your manual.) This is a light weight 24 inch metal bar that curves around the neck with handle grips on the end. It doubles as a bench press bar for the horizontal press exercise (page 50 of your manual). This builds the chest. I do both these exercises every day. The U-shaped handle is a single handle that attaches with the rope to replace the regular handle.

  • It is available exclusively at Ogie Shaw Fitness.
  • It is built locally so shipment time will not be an issue.
  • There is a lifetime warranty against defects.

If you have a neck problem or don’t have enough flexibility in your wrists to keep the handle off your neck during the abdominal exercise this is a must have. Never have the handle touch your neck again!