Super Duo- Super Mins & Super Enzymes


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For over forty years “I have never performed at my Personal Best, physically or mentally, without these supplements. “ I have changed from being a vitamin skeptic to a believer. I first read about them in a report by a California researcher who believed these supplements were included in a formulation which significantly slowed aging. This formulation was recommended by my nutrition advisor at the time, Betty Wood, who served as a “Nutrition Reporter” for a hospital medical staff in Spokane, WA.I found that the formulation included many of the homeopathic supplements that had been prescribed for me by naturopathic physicians to help control my hypoglycemia that showed up after a five hour glucose tolerance test at a medical clinic. Betty improved the formulation and it was manufactured for years by our equipment company, Apollo Products. When the manufacturer discontinued them, I manufactured them under my own brand until the minimum order became unreachable. Recently I renegotiated the Super Mins, and Super Enzymes portion of the formulation. Betty always maintained that the minerals were the most important supplements because the minerals determine how effectively the vitamins will be used. I found these are almost impossible to find anywhere else. I hope to slowly add the entire original formulation. If your supplements are missing effective minerals and/or digestive enzymes, I highly recommend that you try these for 30 days, then stop. If you notice the difference as I did, you may be on to something.
I am not one to get into nutrition dogfights over claims that mine is better than yours. We are all different and we’re all changing. In nutrition, as in fitness, consult your health and medical advisors. Especially if you’re already being treated, keep them in the loop,
A quote by my favorite 3 Time Olympic Athletic Trainer, John Lacey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; “Then try something and see if it works.” Listen to the science. Listen to your body. Measure consequences. Call me if you have questions. I am not the expert in this , but I know and trust some great people who are. They taught me to read signs of nutritional benefit, and problems.