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New! Nutripoints Book 5th Edition ©Oct/2005: by Dr. Roy Vartabedian and Kathy Matthews. Updated with 600 new foods including cereals, yogurts, juices and fruit drinks, fast foods, Atkins and South Beach diet foods, snack and health bars, sports bars, sports drinks, drinks at Starbucks, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, vegetarian foods, soymilks, new margarines, frozen entrees, soups, Subway sandwiches, and Whole Foods store brands. New sections on organic foods, sweeteners, juicing, and updates in sections on supplements, shopping lists, questions and answers on Nutripoints. The Nutripoint score for 3,600+ foods gives you the power to create and manage your own healthy eating plan. Includes 80 high-Nutripoint recipes, 2-week menu plan, shopping guide. NEW LARGE-EDITION (7″ x 8.5″) 468 page paperback.

Updated 5th Edition QuickStart Audio CD: Dr. Vartabedian personally takes you on a quick 30-minute tour through the key points of the book, helping you develop your own personalized program.

Newly Designed Wallchart (with magnets): Beautifully illustrated 12″ x 18″ color laminated wallchart lists the best 30-40 foods in each food group on front, worst 30-40 in each group on back. Comes with two large magnets for mounting to refrigerator.