Testing Memberships

                                               On-Line Fitness Testing is Temporarily Closed for Repairs

                                          Contact Ogie for e-mail/or phone fitness counseling at ogieshaw@ogieshawfitness.com

Ogie Shaw Fitness believes that there is no exercise compliance without a personal fitness strategy or weekly fitness testing. Fitness testing is therefore provided by the following methods for participants:   On-Line Fitness Testing is Temporarily Closed for Repairs. Contact Ogie  for e-mail fitness testing counseling at ogieshaw@ogieshawfitness.com.

  1. On-line Fitness Testing .The most recent service is the next best thing to meeting with Ogie once a week in the office.
    • You perform your fitness self-test at home.
    • Sign on to the members login database on my web site and enter your test scores.
    • You will have a running tally of your scores and can recall your:
      • Personal best and worst scores
      • Your average scores
      • Global average scores to compare your scores with everyone else in your age group, occupation, or location.
      • I will also have access to your test scores so that I can monitor and counsel you.

    •  $9.95 (refundable)Membership        Product No. 500
  2. In-Office Testing Meet with me weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in the Beaverton office or by appointment in your home or office. Contact us for current prices for this service.

  3. On-Site Testing at your company, or school complete with awards for:
    • Company best in each fitness category
    • Most Fit Overall
    • Most Improved

      Call for price quote.

  4. Self-Test Kit includes:
    • Step Test CD
    • Test Charts
    • Testing protocol level of fitness needed
    • Special body measurements tape measure
    • Fitness standards required for good health
    • Screening guidelines

      $79.95  Product No. 301