Warning!! Purchasing exercise products never got anyone fit. They don't work under the bed. If you have the motivation and commitment to exercise here are some tools that I have found helpful and recommend. You may contact us directly to order these products if you have problems ordering from this site. These prices include shipping in the continental United States. Shipment to locations outside the continental U.S. will be  charged additional shipping costs.

For your convenience"THE PACKAGE." Isorobic Exerciser OGIE Kit adds Nutripoints Kit

The inventor of the original machine called it "the best exercise program for the time spent." If not the best it is certainly the most practical. Using the concept of Isokinetic-Rope Friction Exercise combined with Interval training we now condense traditional 40 minute workouts into 12-15 minutes. All performed without eccentric exercise and stress to the joints; without bulking (muscle hypertrophy), and the 48 hour recovery time associated with barbells. Muscle isolation is a key advantage of this program so those with knee, neck, back, or shoulder problems adapt the exercises for their physical restrictions. Space research showed that this method of exercise improved strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility to higher levels and in less time than traditional exercise. The one and one- half pound weight of the Isorobic Exerciser makes it extremely portable allowing a stronger exercise habit.

The Isorobic Exerciser Ogie Kit comes with the Basic Isorobic Exerciser Kit. This includes a 

-97 page training manual, manufacturer's DVD, running belt, foot board and life time warranty.

-The Ogie Kit makes it the most complete exercise training package in America by adding:

- My 100 minute  DVD Coach (a $50.00 value) It includes a copy of Ogie's motivating presentation "Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule", Instructions for the Five Minute Fitness Test, and the Five Minute Beginning Workout.

-The Ogie Shaw Fitness Self-Test Kit with step test CD for measuring cardiovascular fitness, and test charts,

-Free rope replacement,

-21 Day Getting Started Plan 

-Free attendance at my 90 Minute Fitness Workshops where available.

-There is also a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee period.

 Nutripoints Book 5th Edition 2017 printing copyright Oct/2005: Dr. Roy Vartabedian and Kathy Matthews. Updated with 600 new foods including cererals, yogurts, jucies, and fruit drinks , fast foods, Atkins and South Beach diet foods, snack and health bars, sport bars, sport drinks, drinks at Starbucks, Krispy Kreme donughts, vegetarian foods, soymilks, new margarines, frozen entrees, soups Subway sandwiches. and Whole Foods store brands. New sections on organic  foods, sweeteners, juicing and updates on sections on supplements, shopping lists etc. The Nutripoints score for 3,600+ foods gives you the power to manage your own healthy eating plan.  Includes QuickStart CD and Adult and Kids Wall carts.

(Learn more on this page Product no. 601)

If there were a better way to solve America's fitness problems I'd be selling it!

$399.95 Product No.100 A

Utility Ogie Straps for foot & hand

                                                      (1 pair) 

These are the nylon  straps found on page 87 of the Isorobic Manual. These straps are no longer provided by the manufacturer. Since I was the one using them they became known as the "Ogie Strap."  These are used in place of the handles for  exercises for:                                                     

                                                           -Hip & thigh 



                                         -As an extension for the running belt

  I am now providing improved "Ogie Straps." The new"Ogie Straps" are navy blue and come in  pairs with a larger stronger Tri-glide Buckle for faster and easier adjustments.



$16.95 Product No.402

Affordable & Accurate Skinfold Caliper

This plastic caliper is the best for the money in the country. I encountered it 30 years ago when I put on a clinic for physicians and coaches in Portland on "Estimating Body Fat." We did underwater weighing, used 3 different calipers including the then new $500 Skyndex computerized unit, the $250 Lange caliper and this plastic unit. It gave identical readings to Lange and Lange was within 2 percent of underwater weighing. The supplier does not provide instructions. You will find instructions for using Sloan's formula for estimating body fat on pages 66-67 of your Isorobic Instruction Manual. I am also including my special Body Fat Testing CD to explain more about this device, how to use it and why it is so special. Your body fat is one of the great predictors of your health, how your body will perform and look.


$19.95 Product No.302

Polar FS2 Heart Rate Monitor Out of Stock Reordered

Extra large digits and "one button functionality for ease of use." Uses chest strap for greater accuracy and target zone alarm. This is the best deal out there. I cannot advertise this price to the general public.



$69.95 Product No.303

U-Shaped Handle

U-Shaped Handle for the Isorobic Exerciser will take pressure off the neck during the abdominal exercise(page 25 of your manual.) This is a light weight 24 inch metal bar that curves around the neck with handle grips on the end. It doubles as a bench press bar for the horizontal press exercise (page 50 of your manual). This builds the chest. I do both these exercises every day. The U-shaped handle is a single handle that attaches with the rope to replace the regular handle.

-It is available exclusively at Ogie Shaw Fitness.
-It is built locally so shipment time will not be an issue.
-There is a lifetime warranty against defects.

If you have a neck problem or don't have enough flexibility in your wrists to keep the handle off your neck during the abdominal exercise this is a must have. Never have the handle touch your neck again!

$44.95 Product No.403

Isorobic Exerciser Three Decal Set

                                               Give your Isorobic Exerciser a Face Lift!

After years of daily exercise you're looking great but your Isorobic Exerciser is probably looking a little worn.
Replace your worn decals with fresh ones:
                              -resistance guage decal
                        -address label decal
                              -Isorobic circular decal.


$11.95 Product No.404

New Interchangeable 6 Exercise Posters Set Out of Stock

For the first time 6 individual 8 1/2 X 11 inch hard backed full color photo posters of the the beginning and after 21 days Isorobic exercises.
Velcro on each poster allows you to arrange them in any order and attach them together in the order they are being performed. Has keys to proper performance on each poster with my contact information.May be used at individual stations in the Isorobic school fitness circuit
Six individual posters of the following exercises,
-Lat Pull
-Triceps Pull
-Abdominal Pull
-Shoulder Stretch
-Forwards Walk/Run
-Backwards Walk/Run

$69.95 Product No.405

Basic Isorobic Replacement Exerciser w/o Instruction Kit

Isorobic Replacement Exerciser w/o Instruction Kit

For those who need a second exerciser for family members or a replacement unit this kit comes without the DVD's, test kit and instruction materials. Does not include running belt, footboard or nylon carry bag. Just the machine.


$289.95 Product No.101

School Physical Education & Sports Training DVD

School & Sports DVD Completed
 I have finally finished editing the DVD for getting the donated Isorobic Exercisers into schools. It includes my verbal explanation of how we can connect the successes of our fitness past with the needs of our fitness future using equipment that we have today.
It also includes exerts from the physical education circuit training film by inventor of the first  exerciser Dean Miller. This should help getting the equipment into schools who are getting the free equipment. There are examples of  equipment use in sports from football to golf. It is a great promotional and instructional tool.

$14.00 Product No.202

Balance for Every Body Book

Balance for Every Body by Kevin Brown, PT

A coordination and mobility program for older adults. Includes how to test balance at home and how to improve it. Refrigerator magnets for balance exercises. This is a must have book for anyone over 40 years of age or is a caretaker for someone with mobility problems.  Price includes shipping.

$16.95 Product No.603

Doors & Attachments DVD

Doors & Attachments DVD 


A foundational skill required to use the Isorobic Exerciser is attaching the device. I have never seen detailed instruction on attaching it until now. My new  DVD follows me in motels, sports field, and I even rappel 18 feet out of a tree using the Isorobic Exerciser.There have been three different styles of foot boards and special attachments are needed for attaching to concrete walls. All covered on this DVD.


$9.95 Product No.203

Isorobic Accessory Kit (soft door strap, caliper,Ogie strap)

Isorobic Accessory Kit (soft door strap, fat caliper, Ogie straps)


Accurate Skin fold Caliper

Plastic fat caliper that gives readings identical to my $250.00 caliper.

Soft Anchor Door Strap

Soft anchor strap replaces the plastic anchor that can in time leave a mark on your door.

Ogie "Utility" Straps

-Use as a running belt extender,

-foot strap for hip & thigh exercises,

-replace handles for sports exercises such as swimming or for those who find it difficult to grip the handles.

$49.95 Product No.406

Isorobic 2 Exerciser Family Everything Package

•Two Basic Isorobic Exercisers Kits for mulitple station workouts or working out at the same time

•Nutripoints Book w/1 Adult & 1 Kids Nutrition/Placemat Wall Chart

•Soft Anchor Door Strap to stop scarring your door

•One pair Ogie Strap Utility Straps for hip & thigh exercises

•Knee DVD

•Isorobic Cardio/Weight Loss DVD Everything I've learned about weight loss and cardiovascular fitness using the Isorobic Exerciser.

•U-Handle for neck relief/Bench Press Bar

•Ogie Kit Service Package includes free Rope Replacement, 100 Minute DVD Coach, Fitness Test Kit with Step Test CD, Monthly Newsletter, One Year $1.00 On-Line Fitness Testing Counseling

$799.95 Product No.102

Cardio Fitness & Weight Loss Map DVD

 Isorobic High Intensity Cardio Fitness & Weight Loss MapDVD

It's been slow but it's like writing a book. I've gotten addicted to improving it. I would like to see it used as a college reference tool.I love the way this DVD has shaped up. I don't want to stop editing it. This could be the most defining training tool I've developed so far. It answers the most common objection people have about the equipment. How can you build cardiovascular fitness in less than 20 minutes? I t also addresses how to help solve America's obesity crisis. I personally dropped 17 pounds this past year doing research on techniques I teach in this DVD. We are really on to something.

It includes:

  - scientific explanations for the reduced cardiovascular training time.

  - techniques for novices, intermediates, advanced, and wheelchair workouts.

  -workouts to focus on weight loss. There is a Projected Caloric Expenditure One Year Weight Loss Map using the Isorobic Exerciser

  -demonstration of High Intensity Interval Training with the Isorobic Exerciser


$24.95 Product No.204

Isorobic DVD Coach

100 Minutes of Me teaching you how to make Isorobics a lifestyle.

There are three parts:

  1. Education of the fitness problem through a live recording of my motivating fitness presentation, "Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule."
  2. Motivation-Instruction on how to perform the 5 Minute Weekly Fitness Test of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and skeletal muscle development.
  3. Application-Shows how to build my 5 Minute Daily workout into a habit in 21 days. Three exercises to stimulate energy, strengthen the abdominals, reduce tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulder caused by too much computer time.

$50.00 Product No.200

DVD Coach for Knee Exercises

The only thing you can do to improve a knee injury is to strengthen the muscles around it, or have surgery then strengthen the muscles around it. I have lived with knee problems from a football injury since I was 13 years old. Major surgery, arthritis, taught me that knee injuries are special. Most people will never fully recover from their knee problem because they will not build the habit of strengthening those muscles. I did it using the Isorobic Exerciser. This most requested DVD tell how I did it. Building and maintaining Hamstring/Quadriceps balance has allowed me to defy medical predictions and maintain the cardiovascular endurance of a 5 mile a day runner even though I can run only one day a week. If you have a knee problem consult your physician then try this DVD.

$19.95 Product No.201

Three Minute Step Test CD

Over 90 percent of the people I ask to name one scientific way to measure cardiovascular endurance cannot do it. "If you can't measure it you can't manage it." This step-test is the most common scientific method of measuring cardiovascular endurance outside a laboratory .It includes screening information, testing instructions and test charts.

$19.95 Product No.300

Soft Door Strap Anchor for your Isorobic Exerciser

Save Your Door I have finally perfected the solution to chipped doors from the hard plastic anchor on the Isorobic Exerciser. Soft Anchor comes attached to your new door strap.

$24.95 Product No.400

Nutripoints Kit

New! Nutripoints Book 5th Edition ©Oct/2005: by Dr. Roy Vartabedian and Kathy Matthews. Updated with 600 new foods including cereals, yogurts, juices and fruit drinks, fast foods, Atkins and South Beach diet foods, snack and health bars, sports bars, sports drinks, drinks at Starbucks, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, vegetarian foods, soymilks, new margarines, frozen entrees, soups, Subway sandwiches, and Whole Foods store brands. New sections on organic foods, sweeteners, juicing, and updates in sections on supplements, shopping lists, questions and answers on Nutripoints. The Nutripoint score for 3,600+ foods gives you the power to create and manage your own healthy eating plan. Includes 80 high-Nutripoint recipes, 2-week menu plan, shopping guide. NEW LARGE-EDITION (7" x 8.5") 468 page paperback.

Updated 5th Edition QuickStart Audio CD: Dr. Vartabedian personally takes you on a quick 30-minute tour through the key points of the book, helping you develop your own personalized program.

Two Newly Designed Wallcharts: Adults and Kids illustrated 12" x 18" color laminated wallcharts list the best 30 foods in each food group on front, worst 30 in each group on back.

$64.95 Product No.601

Soft Leather Isorobic Carry Bag

Long lasting full size soft leather bag with a draw string. Even the footboard fits. Comes in dark brown or black leather

$44.95 Product No.401

New Fitness Basic Test Kit

New Fitness Test Kit includes:

  • Fitness Test Kit DVD (Define Fitness,Measure Fitness, & Reward Fitness)
  •  Fitness Award Certificate sample                                                                                                                                                     
  • Test Charts
  • Testing protocol
  • Fitness standards suggested for good health
  • Accurate plastic Skinfold Body Fat caliper & Instructional CD
  • Screening guidelines
  • Public demonstrations and training (call for current dates and times.)
  • Professional Training available (For A Fee)
  • In-Home instruction available (For A Fee)

$49.95 Product No.301

Nutripoints PlaceMat/Wallchart for kids

To help kids learn to make better food choices we've made the NEW Nutripoints Placemat/Wallchart for Kids which features NutriHeroes--the top 15 Nutripoint-rated foods in each food group--and NutriZeroes--the bottom-rated foods in each food group. Food characters of some of the "Heroes" and "Zeroes" are illustrated on each side, along with colorful listings of the foods and their Nutripoint scores. The chart measures 12" x 18", is laminated, and in full-color on both sides.

A new feature--NutriGrades(TM) for Kids--for each food are also listed next to the Nutripoint score. The NutriGrade is a letter grade--like a grade for a test or a class--for each food. So most of the foods on the NutriHeroes side receive an A or A+, while those on the back NutriZeroes side receive a C, D, or F. It's a great way to educate and motivate kids to see the relative nutritional value of foods and make better choices to get more Nutripoints and a higher NutriGrade for their diet!

We recommend using the Nutripoints Chart for Kids along with your Nutripoints book, so the children understand the relative values of the Nutripoint scores and the number of points they need each day (we recommend at least 100 total, and meeting the minimum goals for each group).

The charts are great for use in your family with kids and grandkids, in schools, medical practices, health and wellness programs, and fitness programs.

For volume discounts, call 1-800-878-SHAW. Volume prices: 2 for $21, 5 for $45, 10 for $82, 25 for $190 Shipping included.

$14.95 Product No.602